В моде появилась ошибка 25
Сама ошибка

C:\Users\rafay\OneDrive\Ðàáî÷èé ñòîë\exciting\gamemodes\new.pwn(5825) : error 025: function heading differs from prototype
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664          Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

1 Error.

Строка 5825

public OnPlayerEditDynamicObject( playerid, objectid, response, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ )

Вся строка кода

public OnPlayerEditDynamicObject( playerid, objectid, response, Float:fX, Float:fY, Float:fZ, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ )
    if( response == EDIT_RESPONSE_FINAL )
        if( GetPVarInt(playerid,"editobject") == 1 )
            for(new i; i != MAX_OBJECTS_DROP; i ++)
                if(_objectInfo[i][objDrop][0] == 0 && _objectInfo[i][objDrop][1] == 0)
                    _objectInfo[i][objDrop][0] = _invPlayer[playerid][invSlot][GetPVarInt(playerid,"selectSlot")];
                    _objectInfo[i][objDrop][1] = 1//_invPlayer[playerid][invSlotKol][GetPVarInt(playerid,"selectSlot")];
                    _objectInfo[i][objPos][0] = fX;
                    _objectInfo[i][objPos][1] = fY;
                    _objectInfo[i][objPos][2] = fZ;
                    _objectInfo[i][objObject] = objectid;
                    _objectInfo[i][objWorld] = GetPlayerVirtualWorld( playerid );
                    SetDynamicObjectPos(_objectInfo[i][objObject], fX, fY, fZ);
                    SetDynamicObjectRot(_objectInfo[i][objObject], fRotX, fRotY, fRotZ);
                    _objectInfo[i][objText] = CDT(_itemsInfo[_invPlayer[playerid][invSlot][GetPVarInt(playerid,"selectSlot")]][invName],0xFFFFFF50, _objectInfo[i][objPos][0],_objectInfo[i][objPos][1],_objectInfo[i][objPos][2],2.0,INVALID_PLAYER_ID,INVALID_VEHICLE_ID,0,GetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid));
                    if(_invPlayer[playerid][invSlotKol][GetPVarInt(playerid,"selectSlot")] <= 0) _invPlayer[playerid][invSlot][GetPVarInt(playerid,"selectSlot")]= 0;
                    SCM(playerid,0xB2EC5DFF,"Вы успешно положили предмет");
                    SCM(playerid, -1"Чтобы поднять предмет, нажмите клавишу "C_GRAY"- H");


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@rafayelohan есть forward?

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