Hello! I also have some questions about crmp.

1. To run crmp do i need a vps / dedicated server to run on a simple samp host?

2. How do I implement crmp mode in my gamemode running on the field? (I need a tutorial)

3. Is the script for crmp mode the same as for samp, meaning the same functions?

4. For crmp I need a launcher made by me or is there one like a samp and if there isn't one is there a basic one from which to start?

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Hey, Babur. I will try to answer your questions:


1. The start to server, you can use both VPS and hosting, but I advise you to use VPS, since hosting companies often steal information, I have come across this more than once.

2. If you want to study the main versions about the implementation of systems in fashion, I advise you to study the basics using the PawnBook, which can be found on the Internet.

3. Yes, the since same language is used, the functions are the same, only there is a difference in the client version.

4. There is crmp for the same client as for samp, if you wish, you can create your own launcher.

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