C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(3498) : warning 217: loose indentation
C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(8986) : error 017: undefined symbol "speedo5"
C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(8986) : warning 215: expression has no effect
C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(8986) : error 001: expected token: ";", but found "]"
C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(8986) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero
C:\Users\Dom\Desktop\NVE\gamemodes\NVE-GM.pwn(8986) : fatal error 107: too many error messages on one line

Compilation aborted.Pawn compiler 3.2.3664              Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

4 Errors.
Сама Строчка 

           new str[32];
                new Float:speed = floatmul(floatsqroot((vX * vX) + (vY * vY) + (vZ * vZ)), 100.0);
                new Float: Distance = GetPlayerDistanceFromPoint(playerid, x, y, z);
                new model = GetVehicleModel(i);
                format(str, sizeof(str), "% 0.1f kЇ/¤", speed);
                PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, speedo5[playerid], str);
                format(str, sizeof(str), "%0.1f Ї", Distance);
                PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, speedo4[playerid], str);
                format(str, sizeof(str), "%s", GetCarMarkText(model));
                PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, speedo3[playerid], str);

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speedoN не существует

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